Media Activism

By Students from Prof. Martin Lucas' course IMA 741 Since the rise of corporate-owned and government-controlled mass media and the development of a global 'culture industry', artists, journalists, filmmakers and…

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Urban Guerrilla Garden

By Satoko Sugiyama Project DescriptionWhether it's an ugly urban development that was built during the recent boom or an abandoned building in Bedford Stuyvansant, Urban Guerrilla Garden will transform any…

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By Benjamin Moss Project DescriptionInspired by both the idea of database narrative/documentary and Raymond Queneau's Exercises in Style, ninex3 is an interactive instillation piece that attempts to actively engage viewers…

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Winter Abandon

By Daniel Phelps Project DescriptionWinter Abandon explores a cold winter in New York from the voyeuristic perspective of the New York City homeless. Using a discarded television, and 3D anaglyph…

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Man in the Mirror

By Megan Sperry & Dahye Lee Project DescriptionMan in the Mirror is a multimedia installation that uses the portraits of its participants to address ideas of multiculturalism and diversity while…

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Pedestrian Operator

By Sam Stalling Project DescriptionPedestrian Operator, is based on the idea of an old telephone operator working at a switchboard. Pedestrian Operator is taking this idea and applying it to…

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Interactive Maze

By Peter A. Jackson Project DescriptionThe interactive maze represents the idea that the commute to work in a major metropolitan environment is analogous to the laboratory rat in a maze.…

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Bullhorn/Cachos Confessionary

By Carolina Montalvo & Victoria Estok & Blake McDowellThis project was sponsored by The Auxiliary Enterprise Coorporation (AEC)Cachos Confession In Latin cultures Bullhorns (Cachos) are a cultural symbol that denotes…

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Win vs Mac

Project Description Join in the fun of Win vs Mac. Collaborative interactive sound mixing project done by the students of Interactive Media Production (MEDP278) and Sha Sha Feng.

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Driving Range

By Garian Giscombe Project Description Driving Range is an interactive simulated golf game that represents a day at the golf course. Test your skills in your solo game or competitively…

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