Urban Guerrilla Garden

By Satoko Sugiyama

Project Description
Whether it’s an ugly urban development that was built during the recent boom or an abandoned building in Bedford Stuyvansant, Urban Guerrilla Garden will transform any cityscape into a tranquil sanctuary. As a visitor walks towards the wall, a tree, weeds and flowers will grow out of the ground and allow her to interact with the garden and its species.

Satoko Sugiyama was born in Japan, her parents’ wish was for her to become a local bank teller. One late night she saw Guns and Roses on television and at that exact moment she was inspired to come to the United States. She became a high school exchange student and spent a year (much to her surprise) in a small town in Alabama. Despite that experience she returned to the U.S. and graduated from the University of California, San Diego. She moved to New York City and launched a career in the film/television business. She has edited and shot over 100 projects ranging from documentary films to commercials. Satoko is currently working on experimental and installation projects. Satoko lives in Brooklyn, NY with her associates.

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