Prof. Sha Sha Feng

Sha Sha Feng combines the best of both the arts and technology to develop socially conscious media. She is a multimedia programmer and designer and holds a BA in Computer Science and Music and MFA in Integrated Media Arts from Hunter College. Her work includes a range of experiments which integrate web based art and open source technologies. She is also the co-founder of DIVAS (Digital Interactive Visual Arts Sciences) for Social Justice – a grassroots community organization that aims to bridge the digital divide and teach media literacy and cultural awareness amongst young women of color.



Interactive Installation (IMA 765 / MEDP 355)

This hands-on course will focus on the current state of interactive media in a collaborative environment. Students will create projects integrating video, sound, and text. The course will explore various technologies and equipment such as using sensors for real-time interactivity. Lectures and exercises focus on applying interactivity, interface, and usability design concepts to projects. Students will gain skills in coding concepts, hacking existing technology, and the process for interactive media projects.
The course will cover the process from the project idea to research, designing, building, testing, planning, and use of space (real and virtual) for presentation. Visits to museums and galleries will help students look at interactive media with a critical eye. The course will culminate in a public show – an exhibition of installation work and an electronic portfolio on the web.

  • Pre-reqs for Grads: Emerging Media
  • Pre-reqs for Undergrads: FILMP/MEDP 150 + 160 + MEDP 285


This site and all materials are produced by the students of Interactive Media Production. The current web design and programming are done by iArt alumna Jihye Ahn. Each class will have an opportunity to design their portion of the site.