Interactive Maze

By Peter A. Jackson

Project Description
The interactive maze represents the idea that the commute to work in a major metropolitan environment is analogous to the laboratory rat in a maze. The more that technology advances, the more transparent that technology becomes. The questions become “is this a good thing?” Is it just a means for the metropolitan transit departments to raise fares? To we really need this technology? The answer is yes to all the questions. Technology can process more passengers at a faster rate that a dedicated work force. Technology does not go on strike or ask for better benefits. Technology creates new types of job opportunities.

Peter A. Jackson completed his undergraduate work at Hunter College, majoring in Media Communications. At Hunter College Peter specialized in Studio Production where he directed over 40 television shows that aired on CUNY TV. Peter is also an accomplished Photographer, being published in several Publications including the Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper “The Riverdale Press”. For future work, Peter is shifting his creative focus and delving into the world of Interactive Technology as a graduate student in the Hunter College IMA program. Currently, Peter works at Hunter College as Senior CLT.

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