Simon Says, “Play the Guitar”

Simon Says Play Guitar

by Andy Chen

Project Description

This project resembles the Simon electronic game invented by Ralph H. Baer and Howard J. Morrison, not the children’s game that involves multiple players. There are six circles and each of them is colored differently. Red, blue, and green circles are at the top and yellow, orange, and purple circles are at the bottom. The user will have to start by choosing either easy, medium, or hard difficulty. Upon selection, a randomly generated sequence of flashes will occur. The user’s objective is to remember the sequence and try to copy it.There are two methods of input: a mouse or a Guitar Hero Live controller. The mouse option is set by default. To select the other option, the user will have to go to the drop down menu and select it from there. To input using a mouse, the user has to hover the cursor over to any of the colored circles and left click. Doing so will guarantee a placement on a sequence. The user left clicks the submit button to finalize. To input using the Guitar Hero Live controller, its six buttons are needed and each one corresponds to a colored circle. Every press counts as a placement. In order to get an output, click on the submit button or hit the strum bar. If the user submits a sequence correctly, a message will display “Congratulations”. However, if the player submits a sequence and that sequence contain an incorrect input, a message will display “Try Again”.


Andy Chen is an enthusiast when it comes to innovation in tech hardware. He carries a mini laptop that is smaller than a regular laptop, sunglasses that can play audio, and a smart watch that runs full Android. During his free time, he would edit videos or watch how the stock market is performing.

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