By Jessica Adjei & Lawrence Castillo

Project Description

Everyday, cameras track our physical bodies in space, satellites track our locations on a map, and web services track our footprints online. Yet how aware are we of this implicit consent to collect our data? This piece attempts to make viewers aware, not only of the constant tracking, but in the sheer volume of data accumulated and the ease at which it is passed.


Jessica Adjei

Standing at the intersection of art and technology, Jessica has constantly been conflicted on which path to take. But through the use of UI/UX, Web Development, Game Design, Hardware/Wearable Tech and 3D printing, she has found ways to create human-centered products which enhance the user experience. Now, she is walking the path that combines design and technology to tell a story about her experiences while simultaneously inciting people to think about their own lives.

Lawrence Castillo

 From carving wood blocks and making paper, to electroplating silver onto copper panels for Daguerreotypes, Lawrence likes to get his hands dirty when he’s not working on code — it is an important and fundamental part of who he is. So, while he geeks out over all things future in tech (especially altered realities), he still strives to stay close to the tangible, physical world for grounding and understanding. You will see elements of this in everything he touches.

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