The Tower

By Camila Marchon

Project Description

The Tower is an interactive immersive installation inspired by the panopticon concept. It refers to the prison guard’s observation post, in a tower in the center of a circular space. The guards can see everything, but the prisoners internalize the possibility of always being potentially watched, even if there is or not a look at them. Besides, the inmates inside the circular cells can watch each other, creating a repressive atmosphere based on gazes. This installation explores the contemporary possibilities of the tower. The audience will be overwhelmed with images representing control that will make them aware that everyone can be in the tower and the cells at the same time. We don’t need to be in jail to live inside a prison. We don’t need to be an authority to repress someone else’s behavior. The audience will be able to change the images on the installation and create their version of the tower, based on their values and beliefs.


Camila Marchon is a multi-disciplinary artist, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. Her work transits between photography, video, and new media. It was exhibited in many countries as South Korea, Egypt, Portugal, Spain, Venezuela, Brazil, and the USA. She is part of Joaquim Paiva’s collection, the biggest private photography collection of Brazil, and part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro. Lately, she has been writing a show about the panopticon and the control society, a subject that she’s been researching for 13 years, and transforming this research into a visual art show.

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