By Katie Doyle

Project Description

“Assemble” asks participants to examine their everyday choices through the lens of ten women and girls living in and around New York. By incorporating multilayered storytelling – including projections and physical objects – through various stages of outfit selection, the installation experience questions our relationship with clothing, our expectations of gender, and our accepted societal norms.


Katie Doyle is a media artist based in Manhattan . She creates documentaries and other forms of storytelling (digital and otherwise) with the goal of empowering others to share in an experience of community and empathy. Katie is a graduate student in the Integrated Media Arts MFA program at Hunter College and she owns a media company called Cambia Creative. Her short doc, “Every Way Possible,” was developed as a learning resource for the American Association of Diabetes Educators with a grant from the AADE Foundation. In 2019, Katie collaborated with fello w IMA student Sarah Johnsrude on “More Than Half,” a video installation featured in the Integrated Channels show at the Made in NY Media Center.

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