Global WarNing

By Jihye Ahn 

Project Description

Global WarNing is an interactive installation that aims to raise the viewers’ awareness of dangers of global warming and climate change. The participant is given questions on the screen, and the response of the participant will have an impact on the acrylic cityscape installation. The result will vary depending on how serious the impact caused by the response of the participant is. Global Warning allows the participant to think about the possibility of flooding cities in the near future, and it gives a sense that climate change impacts caused by global warming is not a story of others but a part of the planet we live on. I would like to show our planet tomorrow is the result of our attitudes and the choices we make today. It’s our earth, our responsibility.


Jihye Ahn is a designer and media maker living in New York. She received her BFA/MFA in Ceramics from Kyung Hee University in Korea. With her interest in new media, she is currently pursuing an MFA in Integrated Media Arts at Hunter College.

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