By Belinda Liang

Project Description

RELAX! is an installation inspired by the PieFace Showdown game. The installation monitors two people’s heart rates, then moves the whipped cream depending on which player is able to remain calmer. At the most basic level, RELAX! can be seen as an interactive game that encourages players to use creative methods to trigger a response in the other player. On a deeper level, this installation puts our body’s natural reactions to the test, serves as a reminder that we have control over our emotions, and train our ability to remain calm in undesirable situations.


Belinda Liang – Born and raised in New York City. She is currently a Hunter undergrad student double majoring in Media Studies and Chinese, with a minor in Computer Science. Belinda has a passion for storytelling. She aims to use different forms of media – whether it is animation, digital art, or film – to share stories that will hopefully inspire critical thinking.

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