Photosynthesis Orchestra

By Eddy Kijowski

Project Description

“Photosynthesis Orchestra” is a interactive installation on the workings of plant life. Using Biodata Sonification, the audience can hear what is happening inside the plant via the information converted into sound. Using CCTV facial recognition, the audience will only be able to hear the plants if they are looking at the installation. This is to make sure we are paying attention to the other things on this planet that are keeping us alive. If we do not as a species, we will cease to exist in the future.

Brief Statement

Lily Lake is an artist in New York City. Using Sculpture, ephemera and technology Lily merges them to create a conceptual story. My work questions the future of the Human Race and looks at the present beauty of what we have and could have. Through this, i hope to have faith in a better future and hope the public does as well.

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