By Amanda Madden

Project Description

touchbody is an interactive installation project which uses the body as a physical object to explore the ways our bodies experience another person’s touch and gaze. As both installation and performance, this project challenges users to explore touch and pushes boundaries of comfort and even poses questions of consent and violence, intimacy and fear. As users interact with the body and become the friend, the stranger, the creep, it is an opportunity to examine the ways their own bodies move through space, the ways they touch and are touched, they way they look and are looked at.


Amanda (they/she) is a director, editor, filmmaker and queer artist. She is currently working on a handful of video projects including distribution for a TV pilot, post production for two short films and production of a documentary. They are one of the Creative Directors of the storytelling organization Collective Sex which has the mission of healing through story into the radical queer future. She is interested in stories about identity and body, relationship and connection, and bold storytelling that values authenticity, collaboration, process, and experimentation.

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