By Fabio Silva 

Project Description

iMine is designed to address these issues regarding data privacy, digitalization, and data permeance in America. iMine draws inspiration from The Turing Normalizing Machine by Mushon Zer-Aviv, an interactive installation that uses machine-learning to analyze people’s images to deconstruct the concept of social normalcy (Zer-Aviv). Like in The Turing Normalizing Machine, the image of the participant is the central point of iMine. Originally envisioned as a data visualization of biometric data, iMine is composed of two sections the self-carving sculpture and the augmented reality video. The self-carving sculpture part, which is activated when the user touches the sides of a wooden box, represented the permeance of data in servers once it is captured by cameras. The augmented reality part was activated once the participant walked toward the camera. Like snapchat filters, the user’s face was overlaid with their own eyes.


Fabio’s childhood in Brazil was filled with curiosity and imagination. The fantasy and science-fiction movies, books, and games he consumed as a kid had an immense impact on his creative process that still resonates today in his projects. He finally found a good balance between art and technology in his emerging media major and computer science minor. He inspires to be a web developer, a game designer, and hopes to create even more ambitious new media art projects in the future.

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