By Gabriela Gavidia 

Project Description

This is an interactive installation project that takes you through a day in the life as a bee. A participant will sit in front of a projected image on a screen where there will be a virtual bee going through NYC streets facing daily obstacles: litter, humans, weather, and food shortages. Depending on how well the participant navigates the virtual bee using a joystick, there will be a physical bee to represent the virtual bee’s health and life status. The physical bee will also be suspended in the air hanging by a rope/string and laced with LED lights. If the participant makes good decisions in the virtual game, then the physical bee will remain in the air and yellow. If the bee’s life becomes compromised the bee will drop midway in the air and its lights will flash orange. If the bee’s life is over due to the decision made in the game, it will drop fully to the floor and it’s LED lights will turn red. There will also be 1-3 physical flowers displayed at the same table as the joystick and based on how well your bee does in the game it will also wilt as the bee dies or stay perky if the bee stays alive!


Gabriela Gavidia is an Undergrad Student at Hunter college who majors in both Media Studies and English. She is interested in making content that tackles difficult/important issues in a way that leaves the participant/viewers motivated and excited rather than depressed and helpless! She is interested keeping the Environment clean and helping restore and protect our Earth so that we can all have a home that lasts a long time. When creating she hopes that her outcome is as cute as possible because she believes that there can never be enough cuteness in the world, and its never failed to boost a sour mood!

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