The Anthropocene and The Little Prince

by Jay Chieh-Chun Lee

Project Description

In the discussion of the Anthropocene, environmental ethics is one of the most important topics touched upon which concerns human activity and its impact on the natural environment. This environmental crisis originates from the pro-anthropocentric approach that neglects the state and importance of the environment. The book The Little Prince which I re-read recently can be an interpretation as well as a reflection of how human beings act in a civilized world through simple stories. Therefore, I attempt to emulate a merging of these two interrelated ideas into an interactive VR installation to provide viewers with an alternative way of thinking about the world we live in. Participants, in the installation experience, will be immersed into a hybrid visual-audio stimulation that is reflective of the real world and human nature from a non-human perspective that will use 360-degree images and participatory voice-over. By actively joining in the process, I hope this project can push people to think about their role and responsibilities as human beings on Earth.


Chieh-Chun (Jay) Lee is a video/media maker from Taipei, Taiwan. Before immersing himself in the field of visual arts, he worked in urban planning for four years. As an urban planner, Jay always entered into different communities to investigate the state of the environment and used a camera to document his observations. After working on several location-based documentaries, he decided to pursue the Master of Fine Arts in Integrated Media Arts at CUNY Hunter College to broaden his perspective and technique. He is currently based in New York City and develops his independent projects by using a wide range of media such as video, installation, and graphics. His artistic interests mainly focus on integrating his personal experience to a broader social context.

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