Runway Revived

by Syeda Ali

Project Description

Runway Revived is the experience of a lifetime! With the lights, the music, and all the different styles surrounding you, it seems like just an ordinary runway, but here’s the seller: You can customize it to be YOUR runway, you can choose a custom name,  backdrop color, backdrop pattern, choose the music, and adjust the colors of the lights! You will ultimately be creating a show made by you, featuring you. As you walk down the runway, you will hear camera flashes and the audience encouraging you to complete the walk. What else is different? This runway is all inclusive. It’s a runway revived.


Syeda was born and raised in New York City and is currently an undergrad student at Hunter College. From a young age, she has always loved using her creative instincts to create different arts and crafts project, which led her to declare a major in Emerging Media. Now she could do the same things she used to do, just a little differently using Adobe Suite. With a minor in Computer Science she’s learned the basics of coding and can use that to further enhance her abilities to complete future projects.

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