Location Sim

by Salvador Munoz

Project Description

Location Sim allows the user to enter a virtual world using the Kinect and other software such as MAX and libfreenect. This project is designed to get the user to visually see themselves in another virtual place, virtual being the recording of the user with a video background of a location. The user enters first a physical location where the Kinect is in front streaming the footage of the user, their image is then displayed in another background. This allows the user use their virtual image and put them in another location, the user can pick between locations or even submit a picture to display as background. Location Sim allows the user to have endless possibilities to see themselves in streets of any corner of the world.


Salvador Munoz is a student in Hunter College who majors in Media Studies with a concentration in Emerging Media. In addition, programming web applications has become his passion and with a media background he is able to express his views using the internet as his platform. He enjoys listening to music, watching movies and playing sports.

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