Hype Kicks

by Girard Tecson

Project Description

Sneaker enthusiast or not, most people in the United States know about those two headlines. These are national stories that introduces the high and lows of the sneaker culture. With these making the headlines, the sneaker community just grew. The introduction of social media became one of the staple platforms that was responsible of the rise of the sneaker culture and fashion. When famous people wear cool clothes and sneakers, they upload it to their social media to show their fans, and their fans would want to be like them and buy those items. This wave of materialism became popular among the young kids and adults alike. Hype Kicks will be a cool interactive program that introduces a user to several popular sneaker models that famous people, like sports athletes, celebrities, music artist, made popular. There’s a display screen that provides information of about 5-10 shoe models. Those 5 to 10 different shoe models will have a physical cut out that a user can take to take a closer look, and when it is picked up by the user, a video of a news headline about that particular model will play. When the user is not looking a lesser known news story about violence within the sneaker culture will show up. The design and set up will have a sneaker store vibe, complete with real sneaker boxes, store bags, key chains and famous branded clothing like Bape, Supreme and other popular clothing.


Girard Tecson is an award-winning Filipino filmmaker and the founder of Dayside Productions. He is a director, producer, writer, editor and a DP who is recognized for his work on various short films. One of the biggest accomplishments of Dayside Productions is having their short film This Moment, a film about a guy who is stuck in a time loop, screen at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival after winning “Best Picture,” “Best Actor,” and “Best Soundtrack” at Campus Movie Fest in Hunter College. Their other short film, Super Debt, a film about a NYC Superhero in deep credit card debt, won the best screenplay in Youtube Space NY’s promotion and became a part of Pow” Entertainment’s World of Superheroes program which Stan Lee (Marvel Comics) gave them a 1 on 1 consultation prior to production of the short film. Super Debt screened at the 2016 Miami International Sci-Fi Film Festival and 2017 San Diego Comic Con Film Festival. Currently, his main focus is to tell great stories that can entertain the masses, whether it is documentary or narrative. In the IMA MFA program at Hunter College, it motivated him to tell stories from his experiences and interests, hence, he started to add more serious subjects of race, social economic class, and the urban culture in NYC. His next projects will take on the world of the sneaker culture and the effects on people of color.

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