Land of Carnival

By Keka Marzagao

Project Description

“The Land of Carnival” is a whimsical augmented reality, face-tracking installation that explores the fetishization of Brazilian women in the US. Alluding to the most famous Brazilian woman stereotype—semi-naked samba dancers wearing feather headdresses—this installation playfully brings to light the objectification of women through the exoticization of a foreign culture.


Keka Marzagao is a Brazilian-born, Brooklyn-based multi-disciplinary artist working at the
intersection of truth and fiction. After a long career as an interactive art director, Keka has
shifted her focus to explore the ambiguities of the visual language through art. She has studied at the International Center of Photography and Hunter College, and and has shown work at Cuchifritos Gallery (LES/NY), and CutLog Art Fair (NY). She is a recipient of the 2017 Queens Art Intervention grant sponsored by Queens Council on the Arts and is currently working on a long-term project about immigrant families.

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