Pop Up Power

By Tatiana Stolpovskaya

Project Description

As we touch the switcher we see the light. Such simple mechanic interactions are a big part of our daily choreography. «Pop up power» is an attempt to bring awareness back to our routine movements which must be reinterpreted if we want to head towards nature preservation and sustainability. ​Visitors will be invited to spin the bicycle wheel which will result​ ​in​ ​lighting​ ​up​ ​an​ ​LED​ ​panel. When one applies a noticeable physical force, it causes a multistep and yet simple reaction, making the wheel spin turns the lights on, thus illuminating the importance of being conscious about every completed action.


Tatiana Stolpovskaya is a graduate of cultural studies at Russian State University for the Humanities and cinematography at the Moscow Independent School of Film and TV. Currently pursuing a degree at the Integrated Media Arts program at Hunter College, she explores different types of media, combining analog filmmaking with digital media production. Tatiana has collaborated with filmmakers in and outside the program with her camera work and particular interest in lighting, observing and framing non verbal cues for films across genres.

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