Air Synth

By Zehui Liu 

Project Description

“Air Synth” is the musical based interface which allows the participant to play music using their hands to make hand gestures in front of the monitor. As the participant try to move their fingers, the sound of the musical instruments can be heard so everything will be done “in the air” stead of sitting down and tap. There will be a motion sensor detector placed in front of the monitor so when it triggers the sound when participant’s hands are placed in front of the screen.


Zehui Liu is a student who majors in media studies in Hunter College. Resides from her concentration in TV Production, exploring the world of piano music has always been a huge part of her interest and she certainly wants to express this idea to create the invention
using her background of learning. Her idea is to create something simple but yet has the ability to branch out using individual’s imagination so everybody has their own approach out of the musical platform.

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