Mood Bear

By Ingrid Sitner

Project Description

This project is an immersive experience designed to highlight each individual’s experiences and how they project them. You will be asked to speak, or tell a story, as you are being monitored, and while you are speaking you’ll be able to see a color projected through LED lights that has been calculated based on your speech specifically. Use this opportunity to vent, confess, reminisce, or just tell a story. Everything is private and nothing is recorded. This is a safe space to say what you please, so go all out.


Ingrid Sitner is currently a senior at Hunter College double majoring in emerging media and studio art. Although originally born in Brooklyn, she was raised in Staten Island and currently resides there now. She is first generation in her family born in America, the rest immigrated here in 1994 from Eastern Europe. After college she hopes to use her knowledge of art and computers to pursue a career in fashion, or visual arts, either through technology or public relations.

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