Friends Zone

By Lisa Zhang & Robin Raghunandan

Project Description

The Friends Zone project draws inspiration from the installation Text Rain by Romy Achituv & Camille Utterback. The project is designed to bring people together through use of a visual display and physical interaction. The level of interactivity between participants and installation by using one’s body and gestures is what this piece strives for. There should be a feeling of “physical link” between the participants and the piece. With the use of sensors to detect these movements and a web camera to showcase the person’s face, there are levels of immersion and personalization at play. The space this piece exhibits is the 2D display on the monitor as well as the 3D space that you are moving around in. With the combination of moving your body and looking at the screen, getting lost in the project is what should be achieved.


Lisa Zhang

Lisa Zhang is an undergraduate at Hunter College majoring in Emerging Media and minoring in Computer Science. She is interested in digging and taking apart materials, ideas, and projects to find out what makes something work the way it does. She is passionate about using media to bring joy to connect and help people. When she has free time she would either be biking, going to the gym, hiking, or taking photos.

Robin Raghunandan

Born and raised in the Bronx, NY, Robin Raghunandan is a Hunter undergrad in his final year. He is an Emerging Media Major with a Computer Science Minor. A passion for video games and the interaction between user and media fuels innovation and active participation in his works. Finding a balance between participatory media and programming, his work reflects his passion in both of fields of study. He believes media, coding, and technology come together in perfect harmony.

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