D-SI Card

By Silvana D’Mikos

Project Description 

Digital self-identification booth is a computer-based installation. In this cabin, people are invited to create D-SI- Card using a set of categories focusing on identity, for example, language, country of origin, religion, music and sports. The participants use a computer to create a self identification card and take a digital copy with their cellphones. The focus of the installation is to find common ground between people of different cultural backgrounds and origins. To promote a reflection about multiculturalism and socially constructed identity, instead of focusing on people’s biological characteristics, like skin color, which is a way to reinforce stereotypes and segregation. Moreover, contest the Ethnicity and Race identification form used by the Us office of personnel management, a form that we have to fill in when we apply for a job, a school loan or even when we go to the doctor.


Silvana D’Mikos is a multimedia artist who was born and raised in Uruguay. Her artistic output is characterized by the combination of media like videos, sound, animations, installations and sculptures. Based on these media choices, her art practice looks into human experiences like the relationship between humans and their environment.

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