The Nuclear Arms Race: A Prisoner’s Dilemma

By Philip Rosenbaum

Project Description

This installation takes the classic Prisoner’s Dilemma game theory and brings it interactive in a free-standing game console that pits two players against each other, each representing fictitious superpowers Freedonia and Ainodeerf, whose leaders are independently deciding whether to build more nuclear weapons or disarms their stockpiles. Prisoner’s Dilemma generally holds that rational individuals may not cooperate even when cooperating may be in their mutual interests. This game unit uses an old metal newspaper box that holds a computer monitor and some cool video creations to advance the narrative as players make their decisions.


Philip Rosenbaum is a producer for CNN and HLN in New York City and teaches journalism at NYU. He loves shooting video, writing, editing and producing news stories and is now moving into the realm of media as art. Rosenbaum likes to juxtapose old technologies with new ones and, ideally, give new appreciation of both in the process. That’s one reason he’ll always hang onto his single lens reflex film camera, especially the one his dad gave him for his bar mitzvah many moons ago.

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