Vladimir Vernadsky

By Asya Gorbacheva & Varya Pavlova

Project Description
Two girls united under the name of a seminal Russian scientist, a Moscow subway station and a local supermarket in their neighborhood. They use different musical instruments, computer technologies, human’s voice and video, trying to find the future of music in the integration of different media and mediums. Vladimir Vernadsky was born during active protest movement in Russia, which influenced the project with mixed moods of that time. Having passion for changes, but feeling powerless, courage from one side, fear and regress from the other, being excited waiting for the future, but feeling uncertainty and instability of a transition period in the present… The first live show “My Land” is a combination of a music performance and interactive video-installation, an artificial fantasy world on the stage, which addresses all these conditions – not only in terms of political existence, but also in terms of our personal lives.

Asya Gorbacheva has a background in journalism, documentary and DJing. For a long time she was an important figure on Moscow underground club scene, but in 2012 she moved to New York to enter Integrated Media Arts program at Hunter College to push her creativity forward and to try new ways to express herself in terms of visual, digital and sound mediums.

Varya Pavlova aka Lisokot is Moscow based conceptualist singer, poet and experimental performer responsible for a wide range of sound art and musical performances. She graduated fine arts school, but at this point she mostly works with voice in the area of contemporary art, she is also involved in several collaborations with influential figures of experimental electronic music.

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