By Kevin Venkatesh

Project Description
My project entitled, “Vibe” is an interactive installation that aims to show users how music creates a tone, mood, or “vibe”. It shows how we, as humans, identify certain music and sounds with certain images. Users play a piano chord and based on the tone of the chord, an image is displayed that represents the vibe of the sounds that are played. It creates an experience rather than just playing music and picturing something in our minds. Essentially, “Vibe” brings to life what is in our head.

Kevin Venkatesh is a media student at Hunter College with a major in Emerging Media. He was born in Bangalore, India and grew up in upstate New York. When he isn’t studying film and media, Kevin works as an associate producer at the Forum on Law, Culture, and Society to pursue his passion for media production. Drawing, astrophotography, and hiking are among some of his favorite hobbies. Kevin hopes to get into the world of film or TV and will continue to work on his love for design and production.

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