By Rachel Brown & Noa Ginzburg

Project Description
Unsolicited tackles the ideas of space and power as they specifically relate to the right of passage and security of women in public spaces. This installation will have no passive viewers. Using sensory devices to track movement, each participant’s bodily response will cause photos, drawings, audio samples and video distortions to take place. The result will be a video unique to each viewer, representing their individual psychological response to street harassment. The videos of all the participants combined will represent the effect a hostile environment has on society. Unsolicited explores the idea of human nature, from biological instincts, to inherited qualities, to the epigenetic effects of our surroundings on our human experience. Ultimately, we hope to show that we all have a responsibility to act in a beneficial way so that people of all genders, sexual identities, ethnicities, economic statuses, and legal statuses feel safe in public spaces.

Rachel Brown is an educator, filmmaker, urban interventionist, vocalist and writer. Shecurrently develops and implements technology-driven youth development programs withthe non-profit organization Mouse. As a member of The Illuminator, a political projectioncollective, Rachel stages urban interventions. Her documentary films have screened inthe Bicycle Film Festival, the Contact Dance International Film Festival and the PortlandOregon Women’s Film Festival. She was a vocalist and played synth in the doom metalband Archon. Rachel is also an avid cyclist, yogi and wanderer. Presently, she ispursuing an MFA in Integrated Media Arts at Hunter College (CUNY).
Personal Website: wanderingarrow.com

Noa Ginzburg is an installation artist working and living in New York. Noa received herBSc from Tel Aviv University in 2008 and her BFA from Shenkar College in 2012 and iscurrently a MFA Studio Art student at Hunter College. Noa is a laurel of theUNESCO-Aschberg residency program in Medellin, Colombia, a recipient of theRabinovich grant for special projects in Tel Aviv, a grant recipient from Artis for anexhibition at MDE 15 biennial in Colombia, an alumni of the Alma Fellowship, and anAsylum Arts artist retreat and grant recipient.
Personal Website: noaginzburg.com

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