The Whispering Wood

By Michelle Ermolenko

Project Description
Imagine that you are in a forest – not just any forest but a talking forest, a whispering wood, that tells you a story while you make your way through its territory. Through audio and visual cues (which will appear on the computer monitor while also being heard through your headphones), you will be guided through a journey where your choices will affect the outcome, and it all centers on whether or not you’re listening to the woods very carefully. You have nothing to lose, so put on your headphones and enter the woods, to listen to an old tale, and see where it takes you.

Michelle Ermolenko is a freelance illustrator whose work focuses on piecing together colors, imagination and storytelling. Having published art books and zines that focus on combining fantasy and fashion, she has also had her work published in crowd funded, charity based art book collections and is currently working on multiple art books and self-published comics, with the intent of expanding into longform comic work. When not working on art, she can be found hanging out with her cat and attempting to grow a tiny succulent army of plants.
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