The Mindful Consumer Project

By Alessandra Vertrees

Project Description
The Mindful Consumer Project will bepresented at the iArt (interactiveart) showcase in the black box theater on December 16th, 2016. The iArt showcase is part of MEDP355 and fulfills a class requirement.
The visitors will interact with the installation by mimicking their normal shopping behavior, selecting items off of a shelf, puttingthem into a grocery basket, and scanning them using a handheld barcode scanner. For each item that is scanned, the computer display will present standard information about the product, as well as additional hidden data about the corporations and interests that produce them.
Visitors will be able to enter their email address to receive their customized receipt/report and ways to continue learning more about the subject.

Alessandra Vertrees was raised in the Catskills. Her parents raised her on a 106 acre farm, where she learned the importance of agriculture and community. She is interested in technology, generative media, food justice, international relations and national politics. Her work is focused to make people motivated to learn more about social justice.

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