Shadowed Voices

By Jasmine Hope Veridiano

Project Description
My art installation is a virtual ride around the city. The point of this installation is to not only giving a mini tour of NYC, but to indicate that more bike lanes should be created in all the boroughs. Biking is what keeps you fit, it’s a good lifestyle to adopt, and could helps you save a lot of money, in general. What I imagine it to look like is there would be a bike in front of a Tv screen or surrounded by 3 flats. There will be a projector that will screen videos, which I’ve recorded on a GOPRO, on those 3 flats. The bike, itself, would motivate someone to interact with it. If you see a bike, of course, you’d want to get on and ride it. Now when someone starts riding the bike, a video will appear on the screen in front of the individual, or projected around the individual. The video is a point of view of someone riding his or her bike throughout the 5 boroughs. When the person interacting with bike ‘starts’ to pedal faster, the video would begin to speed up, somewhat like a time-lapse video. When they pedal faster the video would transfer you to the next borough. On the bike there will be this mechanism, like a gearshift, that will control where you will begin biking when you turn it. This type of gearshift control would be a box, on top of the bike right in the middle of the handlebars, with buttons that control the location.

Artist Statement
As an editor and filmmaker, I try to view things from a different perspective.

I guess you can say I see everything in 24 frames per second. The reason I say 24 fps, is because I can’t capture everything in just a single frame. I need to take continuous shots, because every moment is precious. However, since I’m coming from a film perspective, I’m going to start approaching my work from a photographer perspective. It’s going to be a challenge, because every shot is important to me. I can’t just pick one shot. But it’s a challenge waiting for me.

I guess I have some passion for films because I can’t stay away from watching them. Even editing films is just a way to express myself. To let people see what I see through my eyes. As cliché as it sounds I just _edit _films, because it is my source for ‘venting’. I shoot and edit because its my outlet to escaping reality. Filming is Fun. Nothing more, and that’s what it should always be. A time and place for creativity.

My, family, my friends, my college, my high school, Dancers, Musicians, Filmmakers, Photographers, the people of NYC, Hobos, My dog, leaves, the Sun, water, and even snow. Everything that surrounds me everyday inspires me. I look to anything that inspire me and influence

I want to be able to create art that shows my creative mindset. I want people to see what I am capable of, and how I see art. The creation of this particular installation is a way to indicate that more bike lanes need to be created in all the boroughs. Biking is what keeps you fit, it’s a good lifestyle to adopt, and could helps save a lot of money. By creating this digital ride, it gives the experience of riding throughout the 5 boroughs. In addition, riding through these hidden locations, or what I would like to call these “hidden gems”. I wanted to also bring up the issues of what bike riders face everyday. Riders have to obey the law of only biking in their lane, or else they will be penalized. Now the fact that there aren’t enough lanes creates the issue of riders biking on the sidewalk or in the streets. In additions, these bike lanes aren’t respected nor taken cared of for riders to bike safely and happily. Through these points of view video clips of riding all over are a way to show how much I enjoy documenting the experience. I wanted to incorporate my skills in filming and editing into this project.

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