Secret’s Room

By Crystal Grant

Project Description
I am only starting out on my journey to create art installations, I would like to emphasize and incorporate painting and drawing as a vehicle within this interactive technology. My interactive project assists in examining the privacy aspect as it relates to social acceptance and reaction of expressing personal tragedies. Secrets Room will engage the viewer in a dialogue. As the viewer moves through a path of emotional experiences form others with a visual aid, The participants will be engaged in the vulnerability of the victims. With the ending of the path the user is then able to respond with their own emotional experiences or with words of encouragement. I believe this project will bring fourth a sense of understanding and discovery while also providing individuals with an escape through technology.

Crystal Grant was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. With interest in both art, technology and mixed media, Crystal enrolled in Hunter College to pursue two degrees in both Emerging Media and Fine Arts. Her recent work has dealt with notions of political, social and cultural issues through different mediums. She examines peoples behaviors as it relates to their relationships and environments. With an interest in reactions, she uses a visual and physical guides to engage the viewer to participate through a dialogue of exploration with a emphasis in emotional response.

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