Raving Robot

By Shaun Persaud

Project Description
This project is a combination of hardware and software working in unison to provide the audience with the illusion that a robotic figure is moving in harmony with sound. This project was inspired in part by a variety of humanoid robots mimicking human movements that Shaun saw while conducting research to see what types of projects are feasible with an Arduino controller, and fueled by the current climate in NSA Surveillance to spark thoughts on control and the illusions of freedom. This project is an intended to test all of Shaun’s abilities as a creative person with a background in computer electronics to push himself to see what he can accomplish with sound, hardware, and code.

Shaun Persaud is a Hunter College student majoring in Emerging Media, English Literature, with a minor in Computer Science. He works at the New York City Seminar and Conference Center on the IT staff, as well as the Health Professions Education Center of the Brookdale Campus where he works in conjunction with Professors to create learning modules for Nursing Students. He likes video games and whiskey. He resides in East New York, Brooklyn.

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