By Ryan Merritt

Project Description
Linic is being created to to bring a whole new visual approach to music theory. Its main function is to allow a user to simply choose a key from a keyboard and sporadically begin a journey of playing and learning piano, with their own creative input. In essence, the user follows along and plays the keys that are lit up with LED lights. These lit up keys indicate the potential notes (in the current key) that can be played in a flawless, harmonious manner. There’s no set of rules on what can be played; there are only guidelines to help out on the possibilities, leaving the user to be in complete control of the learning and playing process. Linic restores the confidence back into people who want a new approach to begin learning an instrument such as piano. The components in this project include a standard size Midi Keyboard and LED lights that are wired and programmed from a computer.

Ryan Merritt is a self-acclaimed artist, concentrating in music production, sound design and 3D visuals. Residing from Brooklyn, New York, he likes to find and create new Abstract sounds and visuals that are unconventionally unique to most. Through progressions of new technology, he uses modern sources to create something new and fresh that have yet been unheard and seen before. His fascination with music and sound and the impact it has on people, drives him to search and manipulate the unknown of what’s to come.

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