Hunternal Pain

By Christian Orellana

Project Description
The “Hunternal Pain” project is composed of an interface where a user controls an array of lights that are rigged within a mirror. The mirror is designed in a specific way to create the illusion of multiple lights fading into the distance.
The lights are connected to a computer that receive midi signal input from an Arduino that is rigged with Piezo sensors that are designed as drum pads. The drum pads act as a controller for the user which he/she will hit and depending on which pad they hit will determine that pattern of lights that is created.
Various elements compose the “Hunternal Pain” project such as a bystanding dual mirror that puts the user inside the “infinite illusion” which has no special software rigging. Also, various other lights with signs and titles will flash when the user hits a drum pad.
The main goal of this project is to allow to the user to be engaged with a drum pad platform and to manipulate lights using the drum pad. The project focuses on the aesthetic of the infinite reflection illusion which symbolizes how Hunter College can become a place where things can seem infinitely stressful and go into the darkness of stress.

My name is Christian Orellana and I am 23 years old. I currently study at Hunter College, earning my Bachelors Degree in Media Studies. I have a technical background, where I have earned my mechanic certificate in the Airframe and Powerplant rating for Aircrafts from Vaughn College in 2013. I am an animator and visual effects designer. In my free time I enjoy listening to music and playing the drums.

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