Brought to you by…

By Jessie Reyes

Project Description
“Brought to you by” is an light-hearted attempt to bring transparency to the world of mass TV media by presenting channel and content ownership information, in the familiar format of a cable TV interface. The participant can use the remote control to change between simulated TV channels, and show different levels of information about the content by using the ‘menu’ and ‘info’ buttons. On each channel, the participant can access information about the segments of content individually (shows or ads) and see more about the companies or people that own the messages and products displayed.

Jessie Reyes is an interactive media artist from Miami, Florida currently residing in NYC. His practical background is video post-production and web design, and he has worked as a technology director, developing interactive audience experiences for stage productions (The Weiner Monologues, Clickbait). His day job is creating and managing multi-platform digital media distribution workflows for mass media. Jessie also has a show on

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