Automated Confessional Machine

By Caleb Andriella

Project Description
The Automated Confessional machine seeks to peer into a future where technology has grasped even the most ancient of human practices, communicating with god. The idea is based mostly on a traditional confessional, an enclosed private space where a person can go and confess their wrongdoings to a priest. The difference in this dystopia is that the one who has access to god is no longer a priest, it is a computer.

Caleb Andriella is a working artist, studio assistant, and student at Hunter College. He was born and raised in Amityville, New York and currently resides in Brooklyn. Andriella focuses on video work, installation, and performance, frequently subverting ideas of religion, suburbia, and domestic/hetero-normativity. He also belongs to an installation collective Clunkhouse, based in New York City; and creates music under the name Catlip.

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