A Family Banquet

By Jing Wang

Project Description
Dinner table is one of the most symbolic scenes to represent traditional Chinese family. “A Family Banquet” is an installation project reflects on an out broken social issue, which thousands of farmers were infected with HIV through participation in state-run blood collection programs in 1990s. It is inspired from stories told by the Aids Granny, Gao Yaojie. She was a grassroots AIDS activist in China, Who spent more than 10 years to tread aids patients and research aids issues in rural countryside.

My name, Jing, is one of the most ordinary Chinese girls’ names, which means silence and calm. However, I live my life with an opposite approach. I speak out though my art with an exotic voice in both English and Chinese. My artworks focus on the topic of observing China and the U.S. contemporary society. I am currently pursuing my Master of Fine Arts degree in Hunter College’s Integrated Media Art program.

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