Meme the Art

By Chiyoe Yamamoto

Project Description
Meme the Art is an interactive media installation that allows anyone to enjoy creating meme arts, which represents today’s remix culture. There are vast amount of problems to be solved in the contemporary American society, and meme is a popular art form in which lots of netizens express their voice towards those issues. However, this art is still closed to those who have extensive knowledge over graphic software and hard to call on for computer novices. Meme the Art removes this wall and anyone can experience the joy of making meme art with simple body movements in front of the screen.

Chiyoe Yamamoto was born and grown up in Japan. After pursuing her BA degree in English literature in her mother country, she moved to the United States and has built her career through various positions focusing on business management both in Tokyo and New York City. She has shifted her field from business to media years ago and is currently pursuing her second degree in Media Studies at Hunter with the concentration of the emerging media.

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