Lickety Split

By Becky Ayalla & Abdul Hashim

Project Description
The installation will feature a time controlled photo exhibition. The goal is to create an experience that mirrors the life in the city where time controls you. Once a participant enters the booth, they will no longer have control over the timing and will be encouraged to follow the prompts. We hope that this experience will shed some light on the concept of time and control. The entire exhibition will only last 2-3 minutes and will require participants to think quickly. The participants will then get a token of their time captured in the moment as combination of photos which they can email to themselves on location.

Becky Ayalla is a senior at Hunter College majoring in both Sociology and Emerging Media Studies. She was born and raised in New York City and currently live in Queens with her parents and her dog Charly. After graduating, she hopes to enter the new media field and specialize in social media marketing and online content management.

Abdul Hashim is a photographer and considers himself a media creator. He believes that the possibilities for incorporating photography into interactive design is vast. Creating an installation that conveys the idea of capturing a moment as it happens is his ultimate goal.

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