Heavy Rocks

By Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste

Project Description
Heavy Rocks, is the first work in The Feedbacker Series, a group of works which investigate the intersection of the spatial, object, and human relations. It is an instrument consisting of two boxes, one black and one white, may be manipulated in space, generate oscillating tones, which may be layered to create dense textures. The instrument might be played by one individual or used by two individuals to create a choreography-based soundscape. The instrument takes its name and direction from the album Heavy Rocks by Japanese band Boris, while the function inspired by the two oscillator-spheres used by Boredoms’ Yamatsuka eYe (created by Kazuhiro Jo).

Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste is a multidisciplinary performer, conceptualizer, and laborer, working in Brooklyn, New York and Toronto, Ontario. His work is a constant re-evaluation and complication of the Black body’s relationship to environments and the various agencies which inhabit them. He frequently collaborates with musicians, designers, videographer, and choreographer, under the name CROWNS. His works have been featured by Arts East New York (with choreographer Andre M. Zachary), Assembly New York (with videographer Nicole Van Straatum), at Toronto’s HarborFront Festival (with musician Brendan Philip), and on Dazed Digital. Most recently, he has focused on investigating precarity in labor and its social implications, as an independent corporate art department laborer. He is currently a 2014 M.F.A. candidate in Brooklyn College’s Performance and Interactive Media Arts program.

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