By Stefanie Smith

Project Description
Escape is an interactive art installation where users view video footage from around the world while listening to music. The video footage and music change according to their stress levels, which are measured by the amount of pressure applied to a stress ball. The harder the stress ball is squeezed, the more upbeat the music becomes and the more fast paced the video footage becomes. The opposite effect happens when lighter pressure is applied to the stress ball. Escape is an art installation that gives people the opportunity to relax or become excited, but more importantly to temporarily escape their reality and become immersed in the world.

Stefanie Smith is in her final semester at Hunter College studying Emerging Media with a focus in Web Production. She loves to travel, which is what inspired her project “escape”. Stefanie will be moving to Germany ten days after the iArt show to begin working as International Customer Relationship Trainee for Secure.Me.

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