By Matthew Tarr

Project Description
An interactive installation using video, projection, motors and proximity sensors to explore privacy and provocation. A dancer is seen from all sides projected onto a cylindrical screen. As the viewer walks around the cylinder, the image follows them and changes angles to match the expectations of walking around a physical person. The immersive quality of the 360 degree video draws the viewer in even to invite closer inspection. However, at the discretion of the dancer, if the viewer gets too close she will shut it down.

Matthew Tarr just turned 40.
He is a father of three boys (2, 9, 11).
He is a worker as the Digital Architect of a large cultural institution.
He is a student at CUNY Hunter’s Integrated Media Arts masters program.
He is an artist with a ‘cinematographer’ credit on IMDB.
He is a skateboarder with bad knees.
He is a New Yorker for the last 12 years and the next 100.
He is a fan of technology for its democratizing effects and of media for its power to educate,
although he is terrified of what most media teaches.

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