By Minseung Choi

Project Description
‘Wow’ is an project that present how the traditional sound of five continents in the world can be together and showing they can make good sound when they mixed. The reason why I come up with this idea is there is still racial discrimination in our society and I want to prove that people can be together without any discrimination. Culture wise, New York is a city of diversity wherein different races come from all over the world. However, we can see people are struggling with racial issues every day. I think music is a good medium which represent one’s culture well and also people can easily understand and accept other’s culture throughout listening their music. This is why I choose each continent’s music as a subject of my project and I would like to prove that they can be mixed together and make good sound when users adjust volume of each music.
My mission is to design a Multi-user, Multi-touch environment that allows individuals to work together within a musical space. Nowadays touch screen became key features for many electronic products. It makes our life much easier and interactive. I always have eager to know how touch screen works and I think it makes me think this project. After I researched many project from all over the Internet, I could find some projects which inspired me and come up with my project ‘Wow’. Firstly, www. has really good information about making cheap touch screen using webcam. All I need for making multi-touch screen is box, glass, paper ,webcam and enough light for creating shadow. It does not cost too much and does not look difficult to make it. Secondly, I was inspired by ‘Stantum SMK multitouch screen’. It shows how to create user interface using Max/MSP. I was going to use multi sliders and buttons for controlling music but there was not enough resources on the internet. Although there are many kinds of multi-touch screen based midi controller which are mostly using only buttons for controlling music. A month ago, I checked iPod, iPhone and iPad application called ‘MMF-Fantastic’ and this is somehow overlap with my project because of the idea of touch screen. Nonetheless, I kept up this project because my project ‘Wow’ has some advantages what the application could not have which are cheaper, easier to use and creative.

Minseung Choi is pursuing his BA in media studies at Hunter College. He was born and raised in Seoul, Korea and moved to the U.S in 2006. His goal is to make innovative and creative artwork especially advertisements. It is important to get people’s attention and to change people’s behavior throughout advertisements. Developing new ideas are not enough for him. He wants to understand how advertisements are made and he wants to wants to work on the entire advertising process from beginning to end. He focuses on learning video and sound production, editing and other computer graphic design. Building an interactive media project will be a great chance for him to test how his idea approaches to public. Creative artwork is always a big inspiration to him. When he sees something different and fresh, he tries to find some innovated idea from it and they make him work harder and harder.

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