Vocal Pitch Race

By Néstor D. Urtiaga Pinto & Dennis Ilagan

Project Description
The human voice is one of the most dynamic features of the human body. Like other creatures on planet Earth that communicate from the use of sound, the human body is capable of using its voice for helping, interacting, and entertaining. While humans are not the only ones capable of consciously changing the pitch of its voice to purvey different meanings, human beings are the only creatures that can also capture the human voice. We intend to take the human voice and use it as a controller for our interactive piece: The Vocal Pitch Race.

Néstor D. Urtiaga Pinto is a Media major from Spain. He moved to New York this last year, where he had experimented with several ways of artistic expression, such as web design, game programming, 3D animation and documentary production. A leitmotif in his recent works is the use of videogames not only as a playful entertainment, but also as a powerful narrative medium that has all the potential of interactivity.

Dennis Ilagan is a 20 year old media major at Hunter College. He has worked on various projects in other mediums of costume design, game design, graphic design, animation, and short film. This is his first venture into installation art, and hopes to continue learning more engaging and innovative forms of self-expression in the near future.

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