Video Taxi

By Jennifer Ball

Project Description
Jennifer Ball’s Project is called Video Taxi. Video Taxi is an interactive art piece where the user interacts through buttons to experience different parts of New York City. The user will sit in a cardboard Taxi, in the middle will be three buttons with descriptions of the areas in the city they can visit. They press the button that they want to go to and through video and music they will travel through the world to their destination. The music throughout the pieces changes when the user changes its location, and the music is contains elements that are similar to the location you are traveling to, to give the user a fufillling overall experience.

Jennifer Ball is currently a Media Major at Hunter College with a focus on video production. She was born and raised in Sarasota, Florida, where she took an interest in acting and the film world. She began studying acting in high school through the Visual Performing Arts Program at Booker High School. She attended Sarasota County Technical School in Sarasota where she received a completion certificate in the digital design program. She attended this program while finishing, and receiving her high school diploma. She moved to New York City in 2008, and began attending Hunter College for Media Studies. She realized the best place to excel in this art form is New York City because there is such an existing world there for this type of art.

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