The Wall Project

By Anthony Debono & That Htut & Aria Wetzler

Project Description
The Wall Project, is an interactive live video installation, in which participants use their hands to manipulate a constant video stream of the other side of the wall unit separating users on a projection screen which is in front of them. The users attention is directed the middle of a wall and when a participant approaches to the front of the screen, the live video feed from what is on the other side of the wall is engaged, creating an interactive visual environment.

This project works through motion tracking. Max/Jitter software picks up the waving of the hand or a distinctly colored ball, which triggers an interruption in the field of view. Sensing the hands motion overrides the falling objects animation and the objects are then instructed to move according to where the hand is and where it moves within the screen space.

Anthony Debono – grew up building with LEGOs and taking apart his toys to emulate his environment and imaginative enhancements. The desire of taking things apart and putting them back together, has cultivated his comprehension aptitudes passion with; web production. Anthony intends to bring his engineering and imaginative prowess to create an engaging, interesting, and fun installation.

Htat Htut – is an undergraduate student at Hunter College, with a major in Film Production and a minor in Studio Art. He is currently working on a project; which features an underlying commentary of peoples attention and the priority of choosing between reality and digital reality by highlighting the difference between the two realities (digital and “real-life”). He is also working on a shorter experimental Film. His main interests are Cinematography and Photography. He aims in creating astounding work with these skills for future unique projects.

Aria Wetzler – is a media major from New York. Her work explores various mediums as outlets for creative expression. She has, in school and professionally, worked with video production (experimental, narrative, and documentary), web and graphic design, fine arts, and animation. Installation art is a way for her to combine some of her pre-existing ideas in other mediums to produce a single work of art.

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