By Michelle Yan

Project Description
Skins is an interactive art installation created by Michelle Yan. The idea behind this project is to allow the users to see themselves in a different skin. The user will have two options, either to choose their own skin, or have it be randomized. The choosing aspect will be controlled through buttons. And with the use of a webcam, a green screen, and a projector, they will be able to see themselves projected in the skin they choose. It works by selecting a color and replacing that color with the background of choice. Since it can only select one color, the user will be provided with a few generic colors to choose from. It is set in real-time, so the user will also be able to see themselves move while in the skin. This idea originated from the movie, “The Matrix.” It sparked a thought on how technologically immersed society is, and how it would be interesting to be able to see a person in binary code. From there on, the idea of using different textures came into play. The title, skins, came from technology as well. Many programs come with themes that the user can choose to accommodate their personality. These themes are sometimes referred to as skins, which is why I chose this to be the name.

Michelle Yan is a college student currently attending her junior year at Hunter College. She is majoring in media studies and hopes to go into advertising in the future. She is mainly interested in print production and graphics design, even though it is a dying industry. This will be her first time doing an interactive art installation, and hopefully it will go well. For now, she is concentrating on finishing school and continuing onto grad school.

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