Serenity Now

By Lukas Witek

Project Description
My installation is going to explore the process of interaction in the most minimal way possible. When a person approaches my project they will be greeted with a blank screen on which nothing is present except for their shadow. Attempts to interact physically with the installation will be rewarded with nothing but frustration on the users part. Once the user stops trying to interact with the project is when the installation starts to come to life. Slowly little creatures begin to appear on the white screen accompanied by the sounds they create, once an attempt is made to try and approach any of the creatures they will immediately run/fly away. The stiller the subject stays the more creatures appear, the trick is to cause as little movement as possible so that you do not scare the animals away. The calmer you are, the calmer the animals will be and the more comfortable they will feel to approach you, and maybe even land on you.

Lukas Witek is working on completing his BA degree in media studies at Hunter college. His interests lie in film and television but hopes to work more on creating interactive media he can share with others. Lukas has lived and worked all over New York City but now resides in Brooklyn and attends Hunter full time.

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