By Alejandro Bardera

Project Description
This project combines action painting with rhythm to create an abstract digital piece of art. When the user hits each midi drum (red, green and blue) a spot of that color is displayed on the wall by a projector. The shape of the spot varies according to the intensity that the drum is hit.

Alejandro Bardera was born in Fuengirola (Spain) in 1990. After studying in Salliver school he moved to Madrid (Spain) to start his studies in Advertising and Media. In 2010 he moved to Buenos Aires (Argentina). After a year, he came back to Madrid, where he graduated in Advertising. Nowadays, he lives in New York, where he’s finishing his studies in Media. His interests are mostly related to the audiovisual field: photography, movies, advertising, videogames, and graphic design. He also enjoy reading, traveling and going out.

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